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 (Founder/ CEO)

With a background in traditional classroom education and extensive experience with one-on-one tutoring, Segun Ariyo has used his corporate experience and business background along with his MBA (Summa Cum Laude) to play a  huge part of our success in helping students realize their full academic potential by managing employees and exceeding expectations

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Tutor with 2 years of teaching experience online and in class. I can help you with your maths and physics and your exam preparation

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I am a computer scientist and mathematician who believes in a growth mindset where every challenge leads to an opportunity to grow. My largest strengths are object oriented programming, linear algebra, and probability and statistics.

I am comfortable teaching high school math up to Calculus 1, as well as high school computer science.

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Pedro Torres


I was born in Brownsville, Texas and lived there most of my life. I graduated from Lopez High School and pursued college right after graduation. I graduated college with a B.S. in biology. I felt I was not challenged enough, so I decided to go further to pursue a masters in biology. Through my college years and was involved in several research programs which included; Bahia Grande restoration, fish distributions with DNA sampling, and cancer research. While in college, I had an opportunity to teach a couple of lessons as I was a masters student. It was then I discovered I truly love teaching and decided to get certified to teach biology for high school students.
In my elementary years, I became passionate with drawing and became better over time. Until in high school, I discovered I could draw peoples faces by first drawing myself. It was not until college that I discovered I could paint. My first two paintings were ‘Starry Night’ and ‘Wheat Fields with Crows’ by Vincent Van Gogh. In my extra time, I like painting new things I never painted before. I like playing music and I am familiar in playing piano and the saxophone. My new passion is creating digital art which soon I would like to youtube my work as I draw. My favorite hobbie is spending time with my two sons. One is 12 years old while my second son in only 1. We love doing outdoor activities like fishing, going to the park, and travel every chance we get. My oldest son loves playing video games so at times we play a few games together. I love ending the day cooking and that’s my little 1 year old’s passion, eating the food I make. I’m always curious to learn how to cook different delicious food. I always look forward to discovery and eager to see what the next day awaits for me.

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Dr. Franchelle Brooks


A native Houstonian and a product of the Houston Independent School District (HISD), Dr. Brooks has worked as an educator in HISD for twenty-five years. Dr. Brooks received her Bachelor Degree from Shaw University in Raleigh, North Carolina, a Master Degree from Texas Southern University, and a Ph.D degree from Capella University. Dr. Brooks believes that education is the key to success.
When she is not in the classroom, Dr. Brooks has served the Houston community by feeding the homeless on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day and worked in her church during hurricane disasters. Dr. Brooks has worked on mission trips to Jamaica, Coast Rica, Kenya, Mexico and other countries in east Africa educating children around the world.

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Hi, I am Ms. Emily. I am originally from Bossier City, Louisiana. I relocated to NC in 2001. I have so many hobbies as a lifelong learner, I am always seeking out something new and interesting for personal enrichment/entertainment. I truly love to garden every spring though. It is one of my favorite hobbies.

I am married with two children. Both of my children have grown up and are either in college or in the working world. I have a dog and a cat. While they don’t like each other generally they can mutually respect one another's space.

 My career in Education began in 2008. 

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Soubhadra Sarkar


Hello my name is Soubhadra Sarkar. I’m currently a student at the University of Houston pursuing my degree in engineering.

My aim to make sure that through Tutoring Success I can be part of the team and help the new generation get their fear out of math and make them fall in love with it.

I am really blessed to be part of the team and I’m hoping that I can create a positive impact in the life of the future generation that have chosen to attend this program. 


Alana Wyatt



My name is Alana D. Stallworth and a veteran teacher for many years relocating from Alabama.  I enjoy time with my family and traveling.  I have 3 adult children, and I enjoy spending quality time with them everyday.  I have taught a wide variety of subjects and grades from Nursery-Grade 12.  Most of my experience has been in elementary and middle school.  My hobbies include a love of music, singing, choir, Bible study, crafts, decorating, traveling, and reading books.


William Gao


My name is William Gao, I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii but lived in Houston Texas for most of my life. I’ve also lived in Portland, Oregon, Sacramento, California, and Los Angelos, California as I just moved a lot when I was a kid. I'm currently a Sophomore attending Texas A&M University, studying Computer Engineering. In middle school and high school, I did band and played the bassoon, and for marching season, I learned how to play saxophone, marching bass drum, and tenor drums. In my free time, I like playing volleyball, going to the gym, and playing video games. I’ve had two tutoring jobs in the past, one at Mathnasium and one at Alpha Math Station. I taught kids from K-9th grade their respective levels of math. I got a 1420 on my SAT, and a 33 on my ACT, where I got a 760 on the math section for the SAT and a 35 on the math section for ACT. I always had a strong suit for math and an interest in computers, hence why I decided to study computer engineering as my major

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Arnold Wang


My name is Arnold Wang and I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. I'm currently a biology major studying pre-med at Texas A&M University.  I got a 1550 on my SAT and have taken 12 AP exams, scoring 5's on Macroeconomics, Calculus BC, Biology, and World History while scoring 4's on all the rest.

Furthermore, during middle and high school, I participated in contest math. Meanwhile, in my junior and senior years, I competed in Academic Decathlon where I placed in several competitions such as in the 2021 regional invitational, I scored 2nd in the math category. 

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Hello, my name is Joyce! I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. I am currently a sophomore at Texas A&M with a major in Communications. Reading and writing are my strong suits, and I have experience tutoring students in STAAR, AP English, and SAT Verbal. 

I was part of the orchestra as a cellist throughout middle and high school. I was also a part of my school's competitive Science Olympiad team where I would consistently place. Back home, I am the oldest of four kids in my family! I have a dog, two rabbits, and two turtles. In my free time, I enjoy baking, gardening, video games, and hanging out with friends!